About Us

Kav Mashve is an Israeli non-profit organization which promotes equal employment opportunities for Arab university graduates within the Israeli business sector.  The organization was founded in 2007 by Mr. Dov Lautman, who was a prominent Israeli industrialist and a recipient of the Israel Prize for Life Achievement, in conjunction with the Manufacturers Association of Israel.

Kav Mashve aims to significantly increase the number of Arab university graduates who are employed by Israeli companies within positions that are commensurate with their skills and education.  Kav Mashve achieves this goal by promoting attitudinal and systemic changes within the business sector, which increases the likelihood that companies will hire Arab university graduates; and by providing Arab high school students, university students, and university graduates with the necessary career development skills which will allow them to secure and maintain appropriate employment.

Kav Mashve has garnered widespread recognition as the leading organization in Israel which develops and applies knowledge about employment diversity processes within the Israeli business world while simultaneously providing a continuum of career development and training services to young Arab adults, beginning in high school through university/colleges and culminating in job placements following college graduation.  Our successes include facilitating 780 job placements of Arab university graduates within Israeli companies (which we have done till 2013 on our own); we form collaborations with leading companies in Israel whom are part of a network of nearly 600 organization that we in contact with in order to facilitate systemic changes within their employment settings; and with 14 human resource agencies throughout Israel to promote and make job placements of Arab academics.

Organizational Goals

  • To create an Israeli society which is more accepting of cultural diversity and which does not tolerate employment discrimination against socially marginalized populations, especially against its Arab citizens.
  • To promote social and economic justice within Israeli society by ensuring that young, educated Arabs are able to secure appropriate employment within the business labor force.
  • To build a shared society by enhancing the full contribution of all citizens to the Israeli labor force, thereby enabling educated, young Arab adults to hope for a better future for themselves and their families.



  • To continue implementing  our strategic plan by  inculcating our career training model within colleges and universities and to further inculcate multi-cultural job placement model within human resource agencies.
  • To continue the implementation of our high school career training in order to increase the number of high school students who will choose professions that are in high demand in the labor force.
  • To continue opening business to employment diversity focusing on Arab university graduates; dealing with the challenge of changing the perception of employers regarding to the employment of Arab university graduates.