About Us

Kav Mashve is an Israeli non-profit organization which promotes equal employment opportunities for Arab university graduates within the Israeli business sector.  The organization was founded in 2007 by Mr. Dov Lautman, who was a prominent Israeli industrialist and a recipient of the Israel Prize for Life Achievement, in conjunction with the Manufacturers Association of Israel.

The Problem: Employment inequality for Israel’s Arab citizens is a major obstacle towards achieving social justice in Israeli society today. Arabs constitute 20.7% of Israeli society but only:

  • 13% of the general workforce
  • 3-5% of the business market
  • 0.3% of management

Arabs with academic degrees face challenges in finding appropriate employment in their fields:

  • 46.5% of Arabs with academic degrees do not pursue employment in the Jewish work force
  • 20% of graduates of engineering and science degrees are employed in those fields
  • 51% of Arabs with  degrees in law, economics, accounting and business management are employed in those fields

 Kav Mashve has identified four major barriers preventing Arab professionals with academic degrees from finding employment in their fields: insufficient early career guidance; inadequate solutions for soft skills training; lack of professional networks; and prejudice. The result is the perpetuation of social and economic inequality in Israeli society.

 Today, Kav Mashve acts as an R&D agency, implementing and developing innovative programs to be adopted by the Israeli government.

The High School Career Guidance Program provides academic and career guidance to students in their last two years of high school. In six years of operation, 10,000 students have graduated the program to date.

 The Campus Business Clubs are industry-specific career training centers on college and university campuses which offer skills training, networking, mentoring, and job placement services to help talented Arab students pursue appropriate jobs in their fields upon graduation. In two years of operation, 110 students have graduated to date. Last year, 13 law students achieved placements at top Israeli law firms and in the Supreme Court.

 Lead Forward is a new business leadership training program that creates a cohort of talented young professionals and empowers them to advance to leadership positions in their fields. 25 young professionals graduated the first year of the program, out of whom 11 participants have achieved promotions in their fields to date.

The Employment Diversity Program provides sensitivity training workshops for Israeli companies to promote diversity in the workplace. 150 leading companies across multiple industries have participated in Kav Mashve's workshops to date.

 Job Placements: Kav Mashve provides job placement services for our program participants and alumni. 1,000 of our participants and graduates have been placed in competitive jobs to date